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In need of a new bikini? We’ve got you covered with our new brazilian and thong bikinis. Whether you planned a holiday to a sunny island or one in your own country, a new bikini is a must. Brazilian bikinis and thong bikinis are something we see more and more often on the beach. These bikinis have slightly smaller bikini bottoms which also make your buttocks nice and tanned. Looking for the perfect bikini? Then take a look at our trendy and sexy bikini bottoms. You’ll want to buy more than just one.

Brazilian bikini

Are you looking for the perfect compromise between bikini bottoms that offer coverage and thong bikinis? Then the brazilian bikini bottom is exactly what you need. Brazilian bikini bottoms are the hottest look of the season and have become extremely popular. Where Brazilians were first popular in Latin American countries, you now see them all over the world. What is so special about these brazilian bikini bottoms? It's their cut! A brazilian bikini bottom shows more skin than your regular bikini bottoms! The fabric at the back and side of these bottoms are thinner so a brazilian really shows off your curves. These cheeky bikini bottoms will make your butt look its best.

The brazilian bikini is available in different types. Some have a high cut, others are high waist or go for a side tie style. All brazilian bikini bottoms have one thing in common: they’re sexy!

Thong bikini

Do you think that no bikini is ever too small? Then a thong bikini is your perfect match. This bikini is totally hot and perfect if you don't mind showing your booty. The string bikini bottom is also amazing if you want as few tan lines as possible. This bikini bottom has (just like a regular thong) no fabric on the buttock, so your buttocks will get a nice tan. Shop these cheeky bikini bottoms in different colours and styles.

Most of our bikini tops come with different types of bottoms. So are you not ready to go to the beach in a string bikini? Then these bikini bottoms are of course also perfect for sunbathing in the garden and you can also order a little more covering bottom for beach days.

Buy a Brazilian or thong bikini

At Hunkemöller we have a wide range of Brazilian and thong bikini bottoms. Whatever bottom you are looking for with your bikini, you will certainly find something to your liking. Do you feel more comfortable in bikini bottoms that cover a little more buttocks? Of course, we have that too. Take a quick look at our swimwear collection and find your new favourite bikini.