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Buying a teen bra

We all have to deal with it at some point: buying your first teen bra. You may feel ashamed and unsure of what to do. Just walk into a lingerie store and buy one? No way! At Hunkemöller we understand that it is stressful buying a bra in the store for the first time. Nevertheless, it is convenient. The ladies in our stores help women and girls every day to measure their bra size and find a bra that they feel comfortable in.

Would you rather order a bra for girls online? Then use our bra size calculator to measure your bra size. As soon as you know what size you are, you can search our website for a bra that you like. Order your favorite bras and bralettes online with someone. In this way, you can try on the bras at home and see which ones are comfortable and which are not. You can exchange or return the bras that do not fit properly. Not sure if the bra you ordered fits properly? Read on this page what you should pay attention to and when your bra fits properly.

When is it time for a teen bra?

The average age at which girls wear their first bra is 11 years old. Sometimes girls already need a bra at 8 years of age and sometimes girls of 14 years don't wear a bra yet. As soon as you no longer feel comfortable without a bra or your breasts hurt while walking or exercising, it is time to wear a bra. Want to find out more about your first bra? We will answer all your questions.

What should you look for when buying your first bra?

The most important thing with your first bra is that you buy one that fits nicely and comfortably. You probably have to get used to wearing a bra, but that is quite normal. You can start with a teen bra, bralette, or sports bra. As soon as your breasts are a bit bigger, it's time for a bra with soft cups, but without underwire.

Which bra size for girls?

The bra size for girls usually starts with an AA or A cup. 28A, 30B, 32C... It looks like a secret code, but it's actually very simple. The numbers represent your bust size, for that, you have the size of your body exactly below your breasts. The letter concerns the size of your breasts, you measure this at the fullest part of your breasts. You can have yourself measured in one of our stores to find out what size you need. Would you rather do this yourself? Then use our bra size calculator and find out which bra size you need.

What is Hunkemöller's smallest bra size?

Hunkemöller's extensive range of bras come in all shapes and sizes. Teen bras start from 2XS. You could also consider a bralette. These are lightweight, non-wired bras, designed primarily for comfort and as undershirts for girls who are developing breasts.

Need help finding a girls' bra?

Would you like to buy a girls' bra, but you are not sure what you want? We would be happy to help you. On the website, you will find various tips to help you make the right choice. Find your perfect bra size using our bra size calculator.

Have you found a beautiful bra that would look great on you? Then you can simply order from us. Your order will then be delivered to your home within 2-4 working days. Prefer to collect in-store? Then we will send you a message when your parcel is ready at your chosen store. Do you still have questions about the service from Hunkemöller? Then view the frequently asked questions and let us assist you.